Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It is autumn

Our 'line' or road leading up into the valley below which will soon look like this in another week or two.  It is autumn.  The grass, with all the rain we've had is still growing and still green; the trees are beginning to change colour.  It's time to get refocused from the BandB season to a quieter, more leisurely time in my life and trying to get myself refocused means what quilt project am I going to begin as autumn turns into winter.  Our winter is much too long, driving most of us to distraction as much as it can be beautiful and winter sports, fun, we can also go stir crazy.  So a quilt project is good; finding good books to read helps pass the time unless you live in the southern states or down under where Fran, Marion and Bee are heading into their spring and summer months ahead and the weather is good.

If anyone cannot post to the blog and wishes to, please look at the previous responses, you'll find my email address in there.  I'm happy to post for anyone who wishes to post and can't get onto the forum...wish to heck Eric or Sue would come on and help us out with the difficulties people have been having.


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