Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Weather, moving-or not, etc

Catching up, good to see Doris & Mary Jo posting.  As usual I posted last week, but it didn't "post".
Been really busy, too busy.  Eye report from Mayo clinic Dr. is A&!  It was last Wednesday.  Always stressful, but thankfully it has been almost 1 year since the surgery and there is improvement.
That's why DH is taking me to N.C. for a vacation.  The surgery/radiation last year overlapped my 65th birthday, so he said honey-NEXT year we will do something special.  And this is it.
You might think it strange, but the sale of our house has fallen through, and I'm glad.  Too much going on in the same time period.  It was to close on the Tuesday after we returned, but the buyers were going through the Veterans Affairs (VA for those in the states) and various reasons he wasn't going to occupy in 30 days.  We will take it off the market until the Spring.  Not looking forward to more yard work, but maybe can hire someone to help.
DH is meeting with the relative by marriage who is interested in selling us their beach condo tomorrow.  It won't be available until at least June anyway.
So, with my 97 year old Mom failing fast, I didn't really want to clean the attic, sell/consign/give/purge all our "stuff" in the next 30 days!
Going to Waynesvillle, N.C. for the apple festival, then to Boone, N.C. to enjoy the trees and ride bikes, hike, walk the dogs, and enjoy life and see fall trees for 8 days.
Sara in Fla.


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