Monday, October 13, 2014

From MaryJoG

The leaves on our maple are beginning to turn and irrigation water is turned off.  Both are sure signs of fall.  Morning walks require a jacket now.  The yard looks better than it has in past autumns.  Everything is in full bloom. Dahlias are especially pretty.  The hibiscus has a last peppermint pink bloom while its leaves are yellow and beginning to fall.   Had to replant much in July because of water problems.  All of the early plantings died while I traveled north.  Now know how the sprinkler system works and all is well.  The past six months have found me learning many 'guy' jobs.  Necessary to maintain the home but not my first choice.  Would much rather quilt.  Had fall furnace maintenance done to learn a new one is needed.  The first estimate will happen this afternoon and the second opinion later this week.  The 14 year old does not meet environmental standards and is not efficient.  Two neighbors in the subdivision had to replace theirs during midwinter.  Would rather do it now than be without heat later.  Jeff (middle son) spent three days winterizing the house and helping with chores.  All seems to be ready for winter.

The trip to AZ is done.  Spent the first day alone making decisions and taking care of John's things. Needed that time to process.  Friends helped the rest of the week.  Was happy to donate the contents of the quilt room to Project Linus.  Our books went to Bookman's who turned them into vouchers to give children free books.  Food went to the food bank.  Native American art is going to the museum for their gift shop.  A free sign on the garage emptied 90% of it; that was a chore I'd dreaded.  UPS picked up thirteen boxes to ship home. They contain quilting, Christmas and books.  Left a minimum of furniture, linens, kitchen the buyer could move right in and set up with only a trip to the grocer. St. Vincent's picked up the rest.   Am not especially pleased with the realtor but it is in multiple listings so someone else will sell it.  Think she is one who lists then sits back and waits for another to sell so she can collect half a commission.  It was a week full of memories that impressed me with its finality.  My friend, Susan, set much in place so that it went better than I'd expected.  We worked all day and then went to dinner in different posh places.  She was a food critic and wanted to show me new restaurants.  Many offered gluten free menus which I appreciated.

A tropical storm was due to hit so I rented a SUV with more clearance as 8-9" of rain was expected.  Only got showers.  It was very humid the first few days with temps above 100.  The SUV had a feature that scared me to death.  I was driving from the airport, seeking the best way across town and an image of an exploding car (in red with stars) flashed on the dash.  Pulled over immediately to learn that it was signaling me a car was tailgating.  If I'd hit the brakes, he would have hit me.  It also flashed if a car got too close on either side or if one was too close to the center line or shoulder.  When I returned the car, the clerk said those were great safety measures.  My reply was, 'Only if you warn the driver of them.'  Not a car that I'd buy...

With that behind me, am not wanting to move again.  Will winter here and decide in the spring whether or not a townhouse is in my future.  The big quilt room upstairs is coming together.  Am looking forward to working there this winter.  Three quilts are in the works now.  A pastel baby quilt for my new great niece, Daisy.  A bright 'big girl' quilt for her sister, Danielle.  And, an art switching gears between the three.  Keeps my creative juices flowing.  Do need to take time to put away the rest of those pesky boxes from AZ...



At October 13, 2014 at 2:48 PM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Mary Jo What state in the US are you located in...if you're experiencing autumn? It sounds as though you've got things well in hand between home and Arizona. Life changes, we try to adjust. Over the years we've had as many as thirty here for our Thanksgiving turkey; this year, there are only four of us, DH and myself included. More changes. Families of family grow up, harder to get everyone together. I miss the big suppers but I don't miss the work.

At October 13, 2014 at 6:47 PM , Blogger MJ said...

I'm in Idaho. We usually have a wonderful October. Days are in the low 70s and nights in the 40's, dipping to freezing later. I have 5 grown grandkids here every Sunday for dinner and the afternoon, love that. Holidays will be spent at my kids from now on. Time for their families... It is still fun to cook for the grands. Love doing a big meal but am tired of cooking for one. 621

At October 15, 2014 at 1:43 PM , Blogger Sara in Florida said...

Mary Jo- I'd say you have done a wonderful, A& job of everything. And you have some wonderful friends, and that gluten free thing is great. I have the same problem.
Sara in Fla.

At October 15, 2014 at 4:07 PM , Blogger MJ said...

Thanks, Sara. Friends are invaluable, aren't they? Could not have accomplished all that alone. I made some Krusteaz (mix) gluten free pancakes and waffles this weekend for the grandkids. They were wonderful and only took one egg! Much better than mixes in the past. I have a great biscuit mix if you are interested and a vanilla cake mix that I use for muffins, cake or cupcakes. Have even used it for a cobbler. Am learning my way around non dairy and non gluten. Sure feel better.


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