Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy happy, happy!

Today is my DH's 66th birthday.  He wanted an egg McMuffin from McDonald's for his breakfast, so that's what he had.  LOL
We spent about 3 hrs. bike riding up in the Amelia Island area of No. Fla.   There is a wonderful bike trail there, a bit of the over the river foot/bike bridge is still not finished.  We took our own lunch.  I thought the sun was going to come out, but it was overcast the whole time.  A bit chilly, but about 60.  Good time with the man I love.
I know the conflict of Christmas.  The TV shows, etc. make us all want "perfect" my oldest and only granddaughter was killed in a 1 car accident 4 years ago yesterday, and today is DH's birthday.  Family on Canadian border, etc.  Mom is given days, maybe 2-3 weeks left by Hospice nurse.  Still I choose Joy, to remember the Birth of my savior, Jesus.  We have a wonderful church family, great friends.  The first Christmas our DD and SIL were gone was so sad.  No one invited us over, and we ate out very quietly.  Things have improved since then, thankfully.
This year we are going to friend's house for dinner at 2pm, another friend/relative house at 5PM.
We are back looking at condos as of Sat.  The one we were thinking about fell through.
I'm hoping Mom's passing will come before the next few months.  This year has been "on hold" wondering where, when, etc. we will live.  It's time to fish or cut bait as they say by the water!
Good quilting, blessings for Christmas for all.
Sara in No. Fla.


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