Monday, December 8, 2014

well done Rosey

I am still quilting my last quilt to cover my old oak chest from the sun . It has been dated to 1600 and I am going to keep it as well as I can. Nearly ready for Christmas, presents all done,still some pies to make.I had a real problem buying new patty tins,plenty of muffin tins but they are too deep for Christmas mince pies. Will have to remake some of them but the boys have offered to help get rid of them .yeah right.I have kittens again 3 gingers running madly round the house plus 2 grandkids. Was I pleased when all went home,it is so hot and muggy here, usual at this time of year. I have to go and sweep bedroom before I can go to bed little pets found the toilet roll I leave by my bed in case I need to blow my nose at night It is everywhere in very small bits . When will I learn to say know. Will write before the holidays after I lose the wee kids HUgs to all ,Bee in avery warm NZ


At December 8, 2014 at 4:09 PM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Bee, many years ago when I was 18 yrs. old and working at our Canadian was a huge affair that people would come to from all over, still is very big and still going...but we kids would all look for jobs at the end of the summer at the 'EX' as we called it. One year I worked behind the Minute Maid Orange Juice booth, we had little black skirts, fishnet stockings, etc...looking like maids...and we were stationed in the 'food' building, which also was huge. I got to walking around and discovered a booth not far from my booth which sold minced meat pies. They were small individual pies and thinking nothing more of it, bought one for my lunch everyday. They were yummy. When my mother asked me what I was eating for lunch, I told her minced meat pies. Upon more investigation, it was discovered that when I described what I was eating she said: 'you're eating minced pies, not minced meat pies and no wonder you like them...they are desert not a main course'...I had quite a sweet tooth back then and could stomach it...funny how old-er age does something to your digestive system. So, you now have to explain how you are entertaining three little kittens.
Hot here it isn't in Southern Ontario, Canada, one end of the world to the other...and you are hot.


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