Sunday, November 16, 2014


I posted Kathi's message and said she lived in's Idaho...why do I get those two states mixed up in my mind.  It can only be a brain f*rt, Sorry Kathi...and MaryJo, I don't think you're too far from Kathi, then, in Idaho...I studied US history and geography in school many years ago, more than children were taught in the United States of Canada in those days.  The typical joke in Canada growing up here was that Americans would arrive at the border in the middle of summer with skis attached to the roofs of their cars.  Canada was a country not known then to children in US schools.  We'd watch the US newscasts and Canada was hardly mentioned in their news.  It was as though, in those days, we didn't exist other than to be an extension of the US on the continent of North America.  Things have changed now but I don't know how much education children in the US receive of their neighbours to the north.  And what do they know of our Eskimo population, now called Inuit, who live in the Eastern Arctic.  Maybe Laura would know more about what is taught in US schools now with youngsters growing up there. 
RoseyP who lives just across the border from the US, by an hour or two.


At November 16, 2014 at 6:25 PM , Blogger Sara in Florida said...

Rosey-before my DD and family moved to North Dakota I wasn't that great on geography of Canada. Winnipeg is about 35-40 miles due north of where they are. So when I check weather I usually check that. They have moved into the 4bd. 2 bath house as of yesterday. Some snow dusting from the picture I have seen on facebook, but not too bad.
They said there is electric baseboard heat, with heating oil for "very cold" weather. Anything below 40 is very cold to me.
I've been to Winnipeg airport, drove down, and to the Nova Scotia, area. Beautiful in the summer. The Bay of Fundy was beautiful.
Have been nursing a sore throat and head cold, so Fri. stayed in my P.J's and yesterday watched American
college football most of the afternoon/evening.
Sara in Fla. where the weather people are predicting "very cold" as in 40 at night on Wed.

At November 16, 2014 at 8:44 PM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Kathi, thanks for the suggestion. I'm guessing we live about an hour apart. Do you have much snow?

I've tried posting on comments. Do the robot bit and post the numbers. My comment is taken and put in a que. Nothing happens after that. Mary Jo

Thanks for posting for us, Rosey.


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