Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas greetings

I'm behind in checking in here.  It's been a busy month with no end in sight.  

Rosey - What a beautiful quilt for your granddaughter!

Marion - Your Xmas wall hanging photo is a lovely Xmas card for our Chat Page!   Thank you for posting it.

DH and I spent the weekend in Sarasota, Florida, to visit my aunt.   DH and I toured the Ringling Brothers   Circus Museum and the family mansion on Saturday.   That evening, we attended my aunt's annual Xmas party.   Oh the weather is lovely down there!!!  After our museum tour, DH and I ate lunch on the patio (!!!) at the museum.   Everything is green and we didn't have to wear jackets.   Now I understand why Florida is popular during winter!

Around Thanksgiving (the U.S. one) I finished some valances for our son & DDIL's breakfast table area.  She buys the fabric and I do the labor.  They save a pile of money that way.   I hope they will be kind when they choose my elder care. (LOL)     DDIL helped me install the valances and here is a quick pic she took on her cell phone.  She chose upholstery fabrics (ugh) but the good news is that they were both lightweight --- although heavier than drapery fabric --- and it was manageable.

I've also made some bibs for our DGD that are waterproof, made with that PUL fabric which is popular to use as covers for cloth diapers.   DGD is now feeding herself (oy, the mess!) so having something that can be wiped off and laundered when it becomes truly a disaster, is very convenient.   I bought a pattern online, downloaded as a .pdf, taped the two pages together, and it's very easy to make.  We like the fact that it is designed with a "sleeve"-of-sorts  to hold it in place.

I bought it here --- No affiliation, yadda yadda yadada.     I've also made some to give to my Pilates teacher as a Xmas gift.  She has a 10-month old daughter who is at this stage, also.
 I used a 1/4" purchased ready-made Wright's brand  binding from JoAnn's, which helps the project go very fast.     If I used a wider binding, I could add a pocket along the bottom, to catch food as it falls down.   

Must run . . . too much to do this week.    Hugs to everyone!


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