Friday, January 8, 2010


As you can see I'm still at home. DB had a rough time of it in surgery Wednesday and his friend who is acting as liaison with family tells me he's in the critical care unit and not allowed visitors except for her. She said yesterday that he's too wiped out to want to respond to anyone so she just stayed long enough to tell him that she'd spoken with me and to one of DDs. He'll transfer to in-patient rehab when he's ready. She advised and I agreed that there is no point in my trying to get there considering the chancey weather and I wouldn't be able to be of any service to him until he is much better. On top of the heart he has a "chronic" sinus infection and all this makes him extremely vulnerable to infection and the medical advice is that going through to major airports and one small one would expose me to lots of bugs, possibly H1N1 which might not threaten me but in view of his vulnerability they are being especially careful of infection. Sounds sensible to me. A group from his church were turned away. I've been pushing him for years that I think his constant throat clearing is indicative of allergy which he denies. My informant and I have entered a conspiracy in which she will tell the surgeon about his life long throat clearing which he always claimed was a habit. She and I agree that he will be much healthier if he is forced to deal with that.

Soooo, I actually resumed work on DD's wedding quilt. I have some regrets about the original conception but with a bit more than a third of the blocks made and hundreds invested in fabric I'll just live with those regrets.

Very cold here for this part of the world. Just a bit of snow but on the shaded portions of my driveway I'm trapped for the weekend at least. There will allegedly be temps in 40sF Sunday but that just means ice if the shaded portion of the driveway begins to melt then freezes when the temp drops in late afternoon. Do I have some regrets about buying the Prius? In a word: yes. The fuel efficiency has gone down by 20% recently and when I called the service dept. at the dealership I was told that always happens when the heat and/or defroster is operating. I refilled the tank and for about 90 miles drove without heat and there was no difference. While last winter wasn't nearly as cold as this one I certainly ran the heat without a loss of fuel efficiency. I smell a problem at the service dept. Think I'll call the boss next Monday. Sounds like BS to me. The fuel efficiency is what motivated me to pass over the AWD vehicles for this one.

Well, I haven't heard from Albuquerque today and it's almost 7 PM there so I'm going to call the friend or the hospital.



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