Wednesday, December 31, 2014

No regrets here either !

I suppose we've all had our fair share of standing around until midnight, and then having to be excited about the countdown at midnight !  No more...!!  We returned from Auckland yesterday and when we phoned our dog carers (and great friends) to say that we were home they said to go down later and stay for dinner...How nice was that ?  We did as they suggested and enjoyed a very good dinner, and a relaxing evening with them.  We were in bed well before midnight !

A hot day here to start the year off . .. I've taken down the Christmas decorations and made a start on tidying the garden which seems suddenly very full of weeds and dead flowers... Haven't seen anybody other than the DH., all day, but I have no problem with that ! The w/end will be here soon enough and people will know that we're home..

My best wishes to all for 2015.  Make the most of each day, they get more precious as we get older.



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