Wednesday, December 31, 2014

9:32pm 31st December

I don't know how others are celebrating New Years Eve but himself and I ate a piece of cranberry apple pie in celebration, from the health food store (less sugar(.  He ate one piece as he is trying to loose weight due to his hiatus hernia issues; me, I went for two pieces...and then dealt with the discomfort afterward.  The dogs will now go out to go's bitterly cold tonight; then the tea kettle will go on and a hot cup of ginger tea, a good book, two Aussies, etc. and I will head to bed.  Asleep before midnight.  The way it should be.  I remember how much I disliked having to go to New Years Eve parties when I was in my twenties, having to deal with sloppy kisses from the opposite sex at the stroke of midnight from males I'd never give a though to agreeing to  kiss them otherwise...I often found an excuse to disappear around that time of night...bathroom, wherever, just to get away from that yucky ritual.  When my children were young, we used to share the evening with another family, go tobogganing, have them back for hot chocolate, those were the best times...and one lady said serving me at the fish counter in the grocery store when I asked what she was doing tonight, she said the only thing to hit her head tonight would be her pillow.   Some special things, too, my late husband's brother who is now 87 and who has a serious tumour behind  his lungs, emailed me from his hospital bed...the wonders of the electronic world, which I complain about so much because I have to learn new things to deal with it.   I don't like special occasions...I feel every day is a special occasion...because I'm lucky to be alive in it.
Rosey who now has to get her snow boots on, her heavy down coat and face the frigid weather outside.  I wish the dogs could go potty inside.  I'm sure they do too at time.


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