Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mary Jo commented and I wanted all to see

Some here do not read all the comments. There were times when I could not get to them myself so I posted Mary Jo's comment from my earlier post. Also Sara suggested, for the grandaughter's kit, fruit roll ups and/or protein bars of some sort Mary Jo - great idea Sara.Delete

        Mary Jo said:
You are very welcome, Laura. Visiting those precious little ones will bring even more smiles. People, in general, do not realize the heartache that comes to many during the holidays. Good memories are more difficult to handle than bad ones I find. Avoidance is my method of coping. Have not attended any concerts or musical presentations this year as that was 'our thing' to do during the holidays. Church is the hardest place for me to go. Finally gave up and switched to the contemporary early service which meets in the gym rather than the sanctuary. Memories hit hardest there.

Am at my son's in Eastern Oregon for 3 days to celebrate an early Christmas. It is wonderful to have them down from AK and to have their girls home. One is 'down' from Seattle and the other 'up'from Waco, TX. Now that they are thru college and employed, visits are less often.

Will fly to my daughter's for 3 days over Christmas. Her 4 children (19 to 26 years) and one's spouse will be there. It will be a houseful with 8. 3 days away is about my limit. Great to distract myself with family. And truly enjoy them.

The red/purple crazy quilt was started in class. I was teaching crazy quilting and tried something different. Did it all on the machine. In setting up the quilt room, I found a lot of crazy quilting fabrics and supplies. I'm thinking of making Christmas stockings for next year.

The grandaughter who lives near me is leaving in February for 3 years in Antofagasta, Chile to do missionary work. I'm making a kit of emergency supplies for her to take on the plane. She will travel to Ecuador for a month and then to Columbia for 2 months. Do you have any ideas for the kit other than medical supplies? It needs to fit in her carry on tote bag. All feedback is appreciated.


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