Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holiday greetings to all!

Because we all celebrate different holidays and I'm fine with generic greetings.  Diversity makes life more interesting.    :-)

Mary Jo --- Your ladder/Xmas tree is such a clever idea and it looks great!

I lack a few small items to wrap for Xmas gifts, and then I'm done.   I think.  Unless I run across something else.   Ack.   It will be fun to see how our 15-month-old DGD responds to Xmas morning.  She too young to truly get into the prezzies yet, but she will be more aware than she was a year ago.
Sophie (our dog) will receive a nice Xmas dinner treat of raw egg on her meal, and we might even give her a "happy meal"  of her favorite dry kibble.   Oh! how she dances in circles when she sees the bag.   LOL

DH and I are worn out on the holiday parties and foods, and we have one more to go.   We really cannot complain, as we aren't being forced to attend or eat any of it (LOL)  but oh, my, some serious exercise will have to take place in the coming weeks.     
A friend sent me this, and I think it sums up my situation perfectly ---


At December 20, 2014 at 10:38 PM , Blogger Marion in NZ. said...

That's a clever one Doris...! There's been too much wining and dining going on here too...!
We leave on Tuesday morning to join DD#2 and family in Auckland and are SO looking froward to it. We haven't seen them since October. We return home on 31st .
My good wishes to all,


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