Sunday, December 21, 2014

Marion's Roses

Marion from New Zealand sent these through to me overnight and said that when picked, she placed them in the vase, closed the door up to the room and later that day when they had guests, she opened the room and the scent from the roses was beautiful.  I asked permission to posted them  here as Marion hasn't figured out yet how to post from her Ipad.  I'm happy to do this for people.  She and her DH leave for Auckland tomorrow to celebrate Christmas with daughter #2 and family.  From England originally, I asked Marion how she managed with warm Christmases after growing up in the UK.  We in the northern hemisphere could not imagine Christmas without snow to some degree...

A storm is scheduled to come into Southern Ontario from the US mid-west on Christmas day...we're hoping the weather forecast is altered to after Christmas.  So many travel by road up here to visit happens elsewhere and where there is storm forecast, it's always a worry.

Two dogs outside in the dog run barking their fool heads off, better go get 'em.
Rosey for Marion in New Zealand.


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