Sunday, November 1, 2015

Checking in . . .

It has been ages since I've checked the BB Chat page.   Life has gotten in the way!

I love the Spring photos from our Down Under girls.  Thank you!   As our leaves are falling off the trees and our sky is grey, bleak and drizzly, the photos of your flowers are a lovely respite.

Halloween was rainy and our doorbell only rang three times, last night.  The past two years have been mobbed with kids, most who are not even from our part of town.   Now we've got tons of candy left over!  None of it is chocolate, so I will not be tempted.    ;-)

I've been making baby/toddler bibs for our church women's organization's annual Holiday sale coming up in a few weeks.  The proceeds fund their outreach ministries.  I've got a nice pattern for bibs that I made for our granddaughter, so I'm making up a dozen for the sale.   I hope they sell!  Or else our DGD will have LOTS of bibs.    LOL

I noticed a mole tunnel in our front yard that runs right into our mulch bed and shrubbery.  Our critter ridder guy will be called and he will take care of it.  The moles always seem to show up this time of year.   Ugh.....

Thank you again to our DUGs for all the beautiful spring photos.  Keep them coming, please.


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