Thursday, January 1, 2015

Went out today to purchase a couple of storage items to finish packing away Christmas.  The creche' doesn't fit anywhere so got a tree storage bag and will put a couple of other big items in with it.  Also got a wreath box.  Was prompted to put all away early as the house cleaner came yesterday.  Usually wait until NY Day but this is a season of changes.  The cleaner said Asians believe we should clean out our homes to rid them of bad luck and to make room for good luck.  Nice thought, isn't it?
A few 'me' items found their way into my shopping cart.  Now have a bamboo steamer for healthier cooking with brightly colored potholders, cutting mats, rubber spatulas and a cast iron skillet.  Needed an oven proof skillet last week when making a fritata so now have one.  Love the new cutting mats that don't slide and go in the dishwasher.  Aqua and red spatulas will be easy to find.  Also got a shelf with 3 racks for cookbooks.  Mine are always out of sight and reach...really, in the very top cupboard and behind the china.  
After a few chapters in a new Jodi Piccoult book, will try the firm new pillow. Funny how we wait to purchase necessary things until they are screaming to be replaced.  No such hesitation in the quilt shop....   Fireworks are already going off.  So glad the cats don't mind them.  Neighborhood dogs do; can hear them already.

Am posting a pic of Molly and Laura (grand daughters, an engineer and a doctor of physical therapy) holding the wall hangings I made for them.



At January 2, 2015 at 1:33 AM , Blogger Marion in NZ. said...

Mary-Jo, what beautiful girls !! They look delighted to have received such lovely work, those wall hangings will be treasured for sure..So good that Rosey can Post for you. So nice to hear your news and see some of your work. All the best for 2015.


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