Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday late afternoon

We are waiting on a phone call or text from our real estate agent.  On Thursday at 6PM --in big thunderstorm--we went to the agent's office and signed paperwork to sell this house.  A bit less money than we were hoping for, but I had a melt-down last Monday night & Tues. about everyone coming through the house, putting up dogs, and so on.
Well, yesterday DH receives an E mail saying that the buyers MIL (who lives with them and helps care for 1 year old) was seriously ill, and their agent would call our agent Sunday afternoon.  They have given us a $1,000 binder and we were to close in 45 days.  Then we were going to rent back from them for 90 days.  So, we wait.  Confused as to what to think.  The husband is a maybe 30 year old veteran, lovely wife who took notes on every plant in the yard and asked questions.  She is in nursing school in the town where they live in N. C.  Will graduate in April.
Guess I'm just tired, tired of my mom lingering with dementia, (will be 97 in 2 weeks) tired of cleaning, leaving house, not being able to be "creative" as in quilting.  Tired of hot, humid weather.
The prices of housing in town are not great, but not bad, and the prices of condos at the beach are through the roof.
Sorta-of watching women's golf.  We watched some of the Little League World Series also.  DH was a Little League player, and played baseball through High School.
On another theme, Trader Joe's -- a rival to Whole Foods Market, will open at the Jacksonville Beach area, they supposedly carry a line of gluten free foods--such as pastas-- that I want to try.
Had a really bad experience Friday night at a pizza place trying to order some chicken Marsala. Almost in tears, and to top it off the leftovers I brought home leaked on my favorite slacks!
Hopefully this will be a better week.
Sara in Fla.


At August 17, 2014 at 9:43 PM , Blogger Laura in IA said...

Yes Sara, a lot of stressful things to deal with in your life right now. Try to relax and pamper yourself as best you can. You will enjoy Trader Joes - prices are much better than Whole Foods if they have what you like. I enjoy it because they have less to choose from - makes life simpler and quicker.


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