Thursday, August 7, 2014

Beautiful Summer

MARY JO it is good to hear you are getting help while going through your grief. What a great idea you have for helping others go through the process as well. It seems like a good thing that you have your gardening and quilting to keep you busy during this time. I know parts of quilting keep my mind occupied when there are troubling issues. Who would have thought you could mail a recliner? Good to know.

Our weather in Iowa has been delightful for nearly a month now. Right now we are getting rain and as long as it does not come too fast or too long it will be good for the corn and beans. Since the temperatures are right around normal and a bit below the weather guessers have tried to make it into a polar vortex - really! I have no idea why they think they have to hype every bit of it - ratings, I suppose. No wonder we get so stressed since they dramatize everything they report rather than just giving us the facts.

I've been putting together flannel blankets with satin binding for our soon to arrive grandson. His quilt is still at the quilters so I still have binding to do for it. In the mean time we are being entertained via Facebook by pictures of his 20 month old brother as he grows into the "big brother". It is so fun to watch how fast they grow and learn.

I also made a couple of back to school dresses for the grands in Arizona. They start school so early there. The two in Wisconsin will not begin school until after Labor Day.

Later this month we will be attending my - are you ready for this - 50th High School class reunion. I'm still in shock. I have never internalized that people actually go to a 50th reunion! I still pretend I cannot possibly be old enough but everybody there will know the truth. LOL


At August 7, 2014 at 6:40 AM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Laura, you've made me smile this morning...50th school reunion. And I'd be about the same as you if attending one...a little more in fact. Numbers are a shock when we actually have them put in front of our faces...I don't know how I got to be this old but don't feel my age and I'm offended really when I realize the year in which I was born makes me this age.

Mary Jo, getting through grief of any kind helps if we are pro-active in some way, helping ourselves as we help others. I think you have a great idea and hope you manage to find the support you need in facilitating such a wonderful idea.

And I'm happy to post for anyone who has difficulty posting. I feel we exist in some form of invisible cyber space here on the board. I wish Eric would come on and explain why he continues to support the cyber space and set up might help knowing that there is actually someone monitoring this forum. Which I believe there is.
RoseyP in Canada


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