Friday, August 8, 2014

B&B guests this past week

I wonder from year to year if I will be given the energy and health to continue running my Bed & Breakfast, which I simply fell into twenty-two years ago when I was sitting in church one day and my neighbour next to me whispered in my ear, I have a friend who is starting a B&B accommodation agency would you be interested in joining.  Without giving it any more thought than discussing it with my husband, who said, " if you think you can handle it while I'm away (he was an airline pilot), go ahead".  I thought when he retired in 1997, I would close the B&B and we would travel.  Hmmm...he said:  "I don't want to see the inside of an airport again" and so that is when I set up websites and got serious about running this B&B, something that has given me great pleasure and some (more) grey hairs as well...98% of our guests are such nice people but there is that 2% who do challenge me.  This week was teacher's retraining week at the International Health Centre of the Taoist Society (the link below, if you have time to read it, will allow you to understand what Tai Chi is about).  Several years ago, the Centre, which is five minutes from our home & B&B, built this temple on the grounds.  I can say without doubt, that the teachers I have in here staying with me this week demonstrate in all areas of their lives, the teachings of Master Moy, who set the centre up some years ago.  Run mostly by volunteers, with few paid staff, this property and their Health Recovery Programmes are an enormous undertaking.  I only wish I'd started taking Tai Chi years ago but with an inflammatory condition which is permanent, I couldn't continue.  Our guests come here for many reasons, mostly weddings, horse shows, some tourists, family gatherings and so on.  So, today is the big clean-up before tomorrow's guests arrive.  I swear I'll wear out the sheets from washing them as for people sleeping in them.  Rosey in S. Ontario, Canada



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