Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Back home again and disappointed to see that the photos I asked himself to take, aren't worth posting...:)

A lovely sunny afternoon and I was inspired to buy some plants on my way home  to brighten up the garden.  Now I just have to find the time to plant them.!!.

Good to catch up on the posts.  Sara, tough days for you , I hope the sale goes through without difficulties, and that you don't find leaving your home, too traumatic.   We have been thinking that it's time we moved from here so have been looking at properties, closer in to our small town.  Nothing appeals so far, the only one which ticked the boxes went at auction for $100,000 more than Govenment Valuation, which made it an expensive property.  (we didn't bid on it !)  Now DH is saying that there is no need for us to move from here, so we'll stay...  Wish he would make up his mind !   Meanwhile I continue to sort and give away...At this rate we'll be rattling around in an empty house !  The garden is too big for me too keep tidy, I do love gardening but don't have the energy that I once had.  DH doesn't "do" gardening ?!?   I have had help in the past but decided it was too costly. I think I will have to get her back again , perhaps just for a few days, two or three times a year.

Our small rural town looks like a bomb site.  Most of the buildings in High Street have been demolished  . The Town Hall has out of action since the earhhquakes (4yrs ago next month) but is all set to reopen next year,the renovation includes TWO small cinema's !! Yippee...I've only been to about two films in the last four years.  I'm nervous in the big cinema's and most of the small ones were destroyed in the quakes... Christchurch is booming, if you only want to eat out or drink in trendy bars... Not much else happening ..

We went away for three nights recently. Just two hours up the road to an alpine village which has hot pools. We took our earthquake refugee friends (still living in their damaged house and still waiting for a timetable for the demolition and rebuild.)   It was very relaxing soaking in the hot pools and enjoying the views of the snow capped alps..

Rosey, thank you for posting so regularly.  I'm always intersted to hear of your life and activities.   Your sewing area looks so inviting, fresh and bright. Quite inspirational. No wonder you turn out such lovely work!!

MaryJo, difficult days for you but you seem to be taking some postitive steps. Getting older isn't easy is it ? We all know that we'll either be left by, or leave ,our partners, but it's not something easily prepared for.  Thank you for posting aspects of your journey here..

DH has just come in to tell me that he nearly got stuck in the river bed !  I had sent him down there for some sand (!) He drove over a sump hole and dropped down to window height !  Fortunately, a large truck (driven by a young woman !) appeared, and eventually got him out.  ..  I should stop complaining about the many trucks on our road, all getting sand and gravel for rebuilding  Christchurch, Our roads have been such a mess this winter, huge pot holes everywhere...

Well that's enough about nothing, nice to touch base with you all again,


At August 20, 2014 at 3:43 PM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Marion, how in the world did you get lost in computerland..I wondered where you'd gotten to as it's unlike you not to make yourself heard here and directly into my computer. How awful the earthquakes and how awful that none of us other than those who experienced first hand, can know what it is like. Your fear of being caught in a cinema is a good example...hard to believe when most of us are sitting on pretty stable land, although tornados, tail ends of hurricanes and the occasional mild earthquake can and do happen here. I loved your wry humour (only a Brit) about will we move/will we not move with your DH. Aren't we all, at some point, wondering the same thing as time goes on.

At August 20, 2014 at 6:05 PM , Blogger Sara in Florida said...

Marion- Good to hear from you. While getting my teeth cleaned (been going to same place 21 years) I asked the hygienist what was new in her life. Her daughter got married 3 months ago, and they are traveling in N.Z. Small world! The daughter and her DH both work on computers-related jobs, so they can work anywhere there is an internet connection.
Sara in Fla.

At August 20, 2014 at 11:55 PM , Blogger Marion in NZ. said...

Rosey, I'm not sure how I got lost in computer land ! All I know is that anytime I tried, it just seemed to be a " a try to far" ! Life in Canterbury has been very challenging these past four years.,the computer used to be my escape...connecting with cyber friends , reading the BB etc... Of recent weeks that has not been so. Little notices appear saying "error" or "That connection cannot be made" or words to that effect.. DH hasn't worreid about it because he has his IPad but for me, it has became just another frustration and one which I could do without... For a reason known only to itself, it has been easier these past two days... How long will that last ? I've no idea. Should get the computer man in I know but that's another story !


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