Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A wonderful day!

It really has been a great day!

At 8 this morning I took my old Divot cat to the vet for his oral surgery. When I got back home before 8:30 the landscape crew was here already digging out the flower beds. This made me very happy indeed, since I have been trying to get someone to do my serious garden renovation for some time without success. Some of them are simply unreliable and the good ones are booked solid at this time of year -- I got a very good one but I have been waiting for a month for him to be able to get a crew here. They will be back tomorrow to finish the first round of digging...

I made a number of phone calls and every one resulted in just exactly the answer I wanted to hear. :)

And shortly after ten this morning I left to go to town and meet Grace. We started with coffee and chat at 10:30, moved on to a restaurant for lunch and more chat, and then went and found a new quilt shop in town that I had not been to yet -- and we both found excellent fabrics for current projects! It was after three when we went our separate ways -- by which time my cat was more than ready to be picked up and taken home and I had enjoyed one of the best days I have had for a long time!

Tomorrow I have a trip to the nursery to look forward to, since I have to buy soil and tubs to put the shrubs and roses in that were dug out -- it will be about a month before things get replanted, but there is no reason at all that I should not start picking up things to plant when the beds are ready... I can hardly wait to hear DH when I share this happy thought with him on the phone later this evening! LOL

Jean, grinning at Mill Bay


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