Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The "polar plunge" . . .

Our low temp tonight is to go down to 4°F (!!!)   I know those of you who are north of me are suffering even colder temps.   The good news is that tonight is the low point.  Thursday and Friday lows will be 14°F and will feel like summer, right?   LOL

MaryJo --- I hope the meds will not be damaged from the winter weather temps and living in your mailbox for 24 hours!     So many are temperature-sensitive...

We have a permanent ink/laminated note on the inside of our mailbox, asking that any packages that won't fit to be left at the front door.   Ever since then, we've had good cooperation but we have a nice mail carrier, too.  That helps.   Perhaps a note explaining about arthritic hands and asking that things not be jammed into the box would help? Summer's heat can damage some meds, so you wouldn't want this problem in August.

Marion in NZ - In your photo,I would call that a patio because of the paver bricks on the ground.   
Bill Bryson wrote a book The Mother Tongue  ages ago, which is a delightful read on the quirks of the English language.  Your posts reminded me of the book and now I want to read it again.   Unfortunately I gave it away and it is not available in Kindle format.   Waaah...

Rosey P --- what a beautiful quilt!!!   I love the colors and the graceful  design.   All your original designs have a graceful look to them.

Hugs to everyone!


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