Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sara..... This is what we call a yard !

I think it was Winston Churchill who once remarked that America and England were divided by a common language ..... It seems that applies to NZ too..   The word garden , refers to the total package...lawns and flower gardens, trees etc.. Yard usually refers to the back of the house ,where the washing line is, rubbish bins, flower pots , etc 

I have just taken this photo.   It is so hot out there that the first of the washing was dry before I had finished hanging the full load out.. There's quite a wind out there too. It's like living under a hair dryer !

I was up early and have done the chores so will now settle down to watch the Cricket on TV. in a cool room !!  My sort of day !


At January 4, 2015 at 4:47 PM , Blogger Sara in Florida said...

You are right, we are divided by a common language! To me "Yard" is anything outside. Front Yard, back yard. Garden is either flowers or vegetables. It's good to know that some people actually hang out the laundry. I did it when we first moved here, but the birds used it for target practice.
There is a big movement for local grown vegetables here, and Florida is the winter vegetable place for the USA.
My DD posted on facebook that their well went dry yesterday and DSIL and one of the teens went out in -20 weather to run a hose from the neighbor's well. Evidently he wasn't dressed properly or stayed too long and suffered from hypothermia. She wound up calling 911 (emergency) and they walked her though the things to do. He didn't have to go to hospital. Time to leave North Dakota as far as I'm concerned.
Sara in Fla.


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