Friday, August 22, 2014

From MaryJoG (Rosey's posting service)

So nice to read all the posts.  Quilting friends are the very best.  We moved to Bend, Oregon 4 years into in our marriage.  I left teaching to care for my mother and was concerned about meeting people.  My DIL said to start quilting; that I would meet the nicest people at quilt shops.  How right she was!

The house finally cooled to below 70 last night.  Fall is coming, so glad after the long, hot summer.  Have picked up several perennials on sale to freshen the flower bed.  Bee balm is new to me; put it on the corner where bees won't be a bother.  Have several new carnations and a peppermint hibiscus that is blooming a lovely pink.  Will put in a purple delphinium today and plant 4 lavenders in the back bed that will only contain lavender next year. Will transplant the daisy and mums when they finish blooming.
Daughter Jeana and SIL Steve brought Max down last night.  Today he will get moved into his dorm and the family will attend freshman orientation. This is the last of their 4 to attend college here.  4 became 5 as Nate married Stephanie.  Empty nesters now; only the two of them after 26 years of children.   8 for dinner tonight.  Started the roast in the slow cooker for pulled pork.  Easy dinner with mac and cheese plus salad and melon.  Quantity becomes important with 4 young men eating.  ;>)
Progress with introducing the cat and kitten.  When she pounces on him; he is likely to hold her down and give her a good bath.  In the past, he boxed her ears.  Sadie is fearless, not sure that is a good trait.  Am calling her the $700 kitten as she brought home a disease to share with Fred.  The vet said it is rampant in shelters and she is immune.  He had blisters covering the inside of his mouth and on his lips.  Had to have several IV's as he could not drink or eat.  Then got crystals in his bladder, an after effect.  Good that he doesn't know she is the cause.  He might not forgive her.  As it is, he frequently reminds me that he preferred life as an 'only'.
Son Jeffry called to say he will come in early October to help winterize the house.  Love to see him and will appreciate the help.  The oldest son and his wife are back in AK teaching.


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