Saturday, July 5, 2014

Posting from an IPad ...

It's taken me awhile , but I've got this far !!  I have yet to find out how to publish this.  DH has an IPad and it is nice to be able to sit around the fire on evenings like this, to email friends.

A nice sunny day here today but there is snow on the mountains so the nights are cold and we wake to frosty mornings.    Lots of snow ready for the school holiday which will make the ski field operators happy.   I did try skiing once ,but the DH was a good skier and not a patient teacher !  I managed to stay upright and do gentle runs but I never got to the stage of really enjoying it.  As soon as our children were able to ski I used to send them off with their father and then enjoy a quiet day at home !!

We enjoyed our visit to Auckland last weekend. Short and sweet ,which is the best way to go !  Three teenagers make for an interesting household... DGD has just finished her first semester at Uni and had managed to pass everything ,so that something to celebrate.  One of the DGS had his 15th Bday, it was nice to be there for that and the 17yr old DGS introduced us to his first girlfriend ,which seemed to be a big event in his life !!

We are going to look at another house tomorrow. DH now says that we won't buy , until we sell here, we don't plan to put this place on the market until Sept at the earliest.... He wants to see what's out there and at what price , to give us a better idea of what we will have to pay for a place ... So far we haven't  seen anything that we like but we are getting an idea of what's around...

Now to see if I can publish this !!

Enjoy the weekend.


At July 6, 2014 at 7:20 AM , Blogger RoseyP said...

The world is an interesting place and we can read about it here from one end to the other. Marion and Bee and Fran, perhaps as well, are experiencing what is winter for them and here in our hemisphere, the morning is dawning with a sun which is promising to be very hot today. At the moment, the air coming in through the windows is cool, my favorite time of day, when all is quiet (except for my B&B guests who will be slipping downstairs shortly waiting to be fed)/ A have two noisy starlings which I do resent feeding at my bird feeder because they are so greedy, they and the blue jays, whip the seeds out of the cylindrical seed feeder and for some reason, they are attracted to one of my hanging baskets beside the feeder which I suspect they are going to damage by pecking at something in there. Our lives are diametrically opposed, north to south but I'd take Marion and Bee's winters over the winters we have here, for they are not as long. I'm glad you figured out how to post, Marion from your/R's Ipad. Not that I understand any of the difficulties of doing so.


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