Thursday, July 3, 2014

from Kathi from Idaho

I have found that the chat does NOT like the iPad.  If I try to post or even comment, it tells me that my post is awaiting moderation and then it disappears into the Ethernet, never again to be seen.

So, Kathi can't post here either without a PC I what I'm thinking is that Eric or whoever is managing this website needs to make some adjustments to this site to accept other forms of computers.

I honestly wonder why, if this site is not being tended to, it keeps going...what's the point if people can't get on to post, if it's not being monitored, I don't understand this at all.  I know that when a friend of this dog breeder's joined the site and was accepted, then posted snide remarks about me and about our Aussie, Ceilidh, who nearly died of hemangiosarcoma and did five weeks later, I emailed Eric and this woman was removed from the site immediately.  So he did respond or someone did at that time...

I don't even know how to increase the size of this's too small but came from Kathi's computer an Ipad.



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