Monday, July 7, 2014


So nice to see all the posts here.  I didn't realize I had not checked in for some time.

I've had a Kindle Fire HD for almost a year.  It's very nice for reading books and watching the occasional free TV show episode via my Prime membership, but it is very annoying and frustrating once it comes to Internet use.  I've become quite spoiled with DH's iPad2 and it's very user-friendly for internet stuff.   Very nice, too, for surfing the 'net while watching TV with DH,  (my big desktop PC is at the other end of the house.) but it is 'his'  iPad so I leave him to his Candy Crush game  - LOL- and suffer with the Kindle Fire for checking forums, Facebook, etc.

 Recently, on another sewing board, I discovered that one can buy refurbished anything from Apple's web site!  Who knew?   Certainly not moi.  After talking it over with DH,  I have ordered a refurbished iPad Mini w/Retina and saved myself quite a sum of money over buying brand new one.   The refurbs come with the full one-year warranty, just like brand new.   A friend bought her Mac computer that way and saved a bundle. So, we'll see  how it goes, and if I can post here from the iPad mini.    I always have used  my big desktop to visit & post here....
It should arrive in a week or two (the local Apple store does not stock the refurbs) and once I get it set up, I'll see if I can post here from it.

We had gloriously cool weather over the 4th of July weekend, with low humidity.   Oh my goodness!  We all became quite spoiled by it.  Summer's heat & humidity return this week.

I've got to tidy up my sewing room (aaaaack!) and pull some fabrics to donate to the quilt guild's charity quilts committee.  I spend more time making clothing than quilts, and the fabric needs to find a good home where it will be useful.  

Hugs to everyone!


At July 21, 2014 at 7:38 PM , Blogger Jill from Portland said...

anxious to hear how you like it. I'm thinking about a tablet too.I don't have a smart phone because I just don't need a phone much, so I have a little antique Oyster with a $7.00 a month plan, but I feel so out of the loop not having internet when I go away.


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