Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Did I mention we are going to San Francisco?

It was about 25 years ago when we were there last.  I didn't even quilt then.  Just "googled" fabric stores there and found Britix shop in Union Sq. --4 floors!  May have to take a morning to go there.  Not that I need anything.
We are not paying for this trip, a bonus for my DH signing on with an advertising co.  July 22-26, short and fast.  Going on a tour of wine country, Alcatraz, Muir woods.  May have to eat in chinatown, that with the time change from east coast to west coast will just about do it.
If there is anything else anyone thinks I should put on the "must do" list please let me know.
We are back 'home" in our our 3/2 house.  Enjoying the quiet.   Waiting for the mail re-routing to come, which will take another week.
Going back to a yoga class that I enjoyed last summer, about 2 hrs. from now.  So stiff!
Sara in hot, muggy Florida


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