Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Checking in from sunny Fla. Memorial Day weekend here

1st--Rosey love the tree.  It is beautiful.
We spent Fri. night-Sunday afternoon at Jacksonville beach.  It was a beautiful weekend for it, full moon, lots of people out for people watching.
We sold my beach cruiser to the GF I went in the 5K run with.  Since it was high tide on Sat. AM when she wanted to ride on the beach, we rode in the street up north to the next town and had a breakfast (I could eat the egg & cheese sandwich without the bread) did more people watching, and by that time the tide was out enough to ride back on the beach.
Sunday, same tide schedule.  Guess since it was full moon the tide was higher than it usually is.  I'm not all that up on tides, but it seemed to be the reason.  Some hippie-types either arrived very early in the AM or spent the night on the beach, because at 6:10AM when I got up with the dogs they were all out there.  The one girl was very animated waving her arms around and talking.  The other 5 seemed to be sleepy.  They had a case of beer there, and drank some about 6:30, then she took one of her hula hoops that seemed to have some globs of something attached, dipped the globs in a lighter fluid-type of liquid and one of the guys lit a match to them.  She did some type of hula hoop dance facing the sun, then bowed to it, like we do at the end of yoga.  Guess fire--to the sun, ?? Maybe worshiping the sun god, who knows.
Anyway, spent 2 days riding bikes, and my legs are sore.  The one GF who is the athletic person has something to measure the miles, and we did 14 on Sunday.  Probably 8 or 9 on Sat.
Slathering myself with SPF #50 or higher every time I set foot outside.
DH will not have any more weekends or time off except for a wedding on June 16th.  He will be super busy until Sept. so we made sure to enjoy the visit.
OH, went to Mayport and bought fresh shrimp Sat. evening.  Bless his heart for working in a fish market when he was 18 or so, he cleaned them, had shrimp cocktail and shrimp and grits.  (grits are corn and gluten free).  Watch the Memorial Day program on PBS Sat. night also.
There were many local Memorial programs around town, but we didn't go to any.   Our friend who rode with us (the DH of the athlete) is a veteran, and he is having some PTSD, which he is getting help for.  Thankfully there is a good Veterans clinic nearby/ and a Veterans hospital in Gainesville,Fla.  only 1 hr. and 20 min. away.
So, happy quilting.
Post some things girls!!
Sara in Fla.


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