Monday, May 13, 2013

Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day!

For those of you who celebrated Mother's Day, I hope it was a beautiful one.  My 2 children with 4 legs and fur got me a T shirt and matching hat--and wrote out a note for happy Mother's Day.  DH took me and another GF out to dinner after church.  I wanted to go to Bahama Breeze, as they have wonderful key lime pie.  (Not on the current eating plan) I figured 1/2 a slice of pie would be OK.  My Mom didn't want to leave her bedroom,and I didn't force the issue, as I know it is her "comfort zone".  DD called me about 7PM.  We had a nice chat for 45 min.  or so.  Things aren't as rosy in N.D. as they are all so tired of the weather.  She has her 4th or 5th sinus infection.  We all think it is due to the water/mildew, etc  in the basement.  My SIL will be getting his diploma for his Master's this coming Sat. in Minneapolis, so that will give them all something to look forward to.  They are spending some time at the Mall of America also.
The golf game at Ponta Vedra was won by Tiger Woods.  So all the golfers are headed home today, and I guess the volunteers are sleeping!
Have a good Monday.
Sara in Fla.


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