Sunday, May 19, 2013

From Mary Jo via Rosey's posting service....................

We've been home for 2 weeks, did 1206 miles in 3 days. The trip went well but for one incident in Utah when DH's legs gave out. 3 burley college students lifted him up before he hit the pavement and put him into the van. So thankful for that! He will use a walker if feeling weak but hates it. He might start off ok, then collapse a bit later. He refuses a scooter or wheelchair believing that he would not get out of it. The physical therapist agrees and is working with him to strengthen his legs. Neurological problems are the cause,tiny strokes.

Priorities change. I called the cleaner for help inside as I'd rather work outside. Have never done that before. 5 months away allows lots of dust to pile up. The fridge/freezer gave out so it was repaired after a good scrubbing. Tossed all that was inside. Got the place in order but for the quilt rooms in transition. Will take awhile to move all upstairs and set it up to function. Have annuals in the front bed and the veggies planted in pots in back. Did 3 baskets and 3 pots in front all in pink, blue and lavender. Used limeplants for the background, so nice to have a variety to choose from.

Both sons will come in next week. Tonight one is flying back from teaching in N. Alaska for the winter. He will bring our DGD Molly, a new graduate in industrial engineering. His wife chose to work another week to set all in place for her new job next year. She will work in the 15 villages in the district, flying in to each. One is Little Diamede, across from Siberia. It is on a cliff and she will helicopter to get there. She will pack a cooler as there are no restaurants. Will sleep in classrooms in her sleeping bag. Some of these places don't even have running water. She is excited.

Son #2 is bringing his teenage boys and will bark 3 of the beds. He did 2 last fall. They will attend a wedding on Saturday; glad it is a long weekend. DIL is in charge of the flowers and will be busy there. I'm making strawberry jam tonight and will bake their favorite bread next week. Along with making the favorite cookies and pastas... Good that I'm non gluten and not tempted by such.

No quilting but for facing a desert quilt. Will put the borders on a king sized one for our oldest DGS and his bride, then let the long arm artist work her magic




At May 27, 2013 at 4:20 PM , Blogger Lavinia-AZ said...

Forgot where it is you come to, MJ. Is it Mesa? Did you get to the state guild show in March? Glad you made it home safely. Lavinia


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