Monday, December 10, 2012

What is this with computers telling me that I am logging in on an unusual device? This is the same computer, the same email, the same ISP, etc. This is the third site that has claimed I am logging in from a device I've never used before! ..... New Paragraph... I love my husband, but he is a Grinch. That being said, I have to tell you about Wednesday. I left the house before 6 AM, taught all day without a break (testing week), supervised an on-line competition for the quiz bowl team after school, drove straight to church and the Advent Worship service, begged out of choir practice and arrived in my driveway a few minutes after 8 PM. I did a double take. There are Christmas lights hanging on the house. We don't own Christmas lights...I check the car in the drive way. Yes, that's Russ' vehicle, and I have not managed to drive to the wrong house in an exhausted fugue state. After I finish sitting in the car laughing, I go inside and ask Russ: "Who are you, and what have you done with my husband?" He claimed we had been "elfed." I laughed all day Thursday. I have to turn the lights out early, at my bed time, because they are too bright for me to sleep through! No quilting happening here...:(


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