Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No flight for me today

Well, the best laid plans, and all that stuff.
After arriving in Sanford, Fla. -just outside of Orlando- we had a quick supper about 7:30 PM. Since I have been eating lots of salads thought I'd have the salad bar. Checked into hotel, didn't sleep well because the A/C unit kept going on, off, hi, low, and then at 3:30 AM woke up to throwing up on the bed. Yuck.
Didn't get any more sleep, so went to airport, checked in with ticket agent at about 5:30AM and told him we wouldn't be flying. I showed him the pre-printed boarding pass, and so on. He said he would make a note of it in the system. When we got back home about 9:00AM I call the airline office (which is in Las Vegas) to explain the situation. I did get the flight protection when buying the tickets. She was rude, and said since I didn't board the plane, or go to the gate, we would forfit the costs, and we were listed as "no shows". So, later on today, after another nap, will call again and hopefully plead our case to a supervisor. If that doesn't work will have to file a protest, by mail, and pray we can get a voucher for the $645.00.
So, now I have to go to post office to re-instate the mail, and call the newspaper to re-instate that also.
At least the family will be coming here on the 15th of June, so will be able to enjoy a visit with them. Sigh- there's always something.
Lesson to my self--don't eat a salad bar before flying anywhere! Maybe stay away from the salad bars altogether.
Poor DH didn't get any sleep either. He says he's going back to work tomorrow, and we'll go somewhere in the fall.
Sara in Fla.


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