Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Enjoying the pictures and posts! Thanks

Thank you, Rosey, for stirring the pot and getting people to post. :-) I think many of us coast along for awhile and just need an occasional prod. At least I know I do so assume others might as well. I loved the picture of Rosey with her new dog. And I've been enjoying all the other pictures as well whether actual or visual. Such as Bee picking up a slug. Yikes!

Aren't grandchildren wonderful? They just sort of melt one's heart don't they. Thanks, Sandi, for showing your granddaughter's cute little face. Easy to see how much she is adored.

We've had what seems to have been a damper than normal Spring. There have been pockets of sunny days so I can get out and weed but those pockets have been fewer than I'd like. At least the rain has kept the ground loose so the weeds usually pull up easily. :-)

That's my excitement - enjoying the sunny days when we get them! LOL

Hugz to all who need them,
Mary in Oregon


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