Monday, May 25, 2015

Finally !

got this site to accept my password and email....had some issues with the computer skills on here lately and ended up resetting and wiping a couple of times.....

Rosey got your message via my sons office.....would have been great to take in that cornflower display and see you !....but life here continues on with kids, grandkids and now a summer camp wedding for our son Jamey to his longtime partner Janice.....that it was going to be simple but seems to be not so simple after all...just finished a quilt she will receive at her shower and am working on a wool apllique wall hanging for the wedding gift.

Grandson Adason is 7years and is so much like his father Adam when young ...his brother Brody is 6 and a little more introvert than Adason...then there is Clark who will soon be two years and in constant motion.....then our youngest son Scotty has two boys Oliver who will be 3 in August and always a going concern full of mischief and fun...his older brother Preston just turned 5 is the one who tugs a wee bit harder in our hearts if that's possible...he is diagnosed with 'mild' autism and since January is in what is called an IBI program 4 days a week and reg SK one day a week...he is not very verbal but has made great progress with that and social/listening skills thru the IBI programme....he has a beautiful smile and my heart just breaks when he tells us 'love u too"......sometimes it's difficult since son and the mom are no longer together but fortunately both of them are placing skids best interests over theirs...they share custody with 4 days one week and 3 the other....and the son's new significant other is terrific with them and has a 7 year old boy too....  And add in James two step children at 11-14 years and we are always on the go it seems

Did manage to make two good size wall hangings for Preston's IBI classroom and the shower gift quilt.....not much else lateLy tho lol

Well we will see if this posts and hope to get back another time soon


At May 26, 2015 at 11:53 AM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Heather, so glad you got my message about the cornflower glass for DH. Funny how calling up to your son's office, speaking to the woman who answered the phone who had lived not too far from us here, knew the area, knew of the museum, it was fun speaking to her and I'm glad the message was passed on.

Aspergers, which I'm made an effort to understand about it for personal reasons, is a difficult diagnosis for a kid but with today's educational system kids have a far greater chance of managing themselves through understanding themselves. Aspergers is a biological neurological issue and in no way a mental illness thought classified as such under the new DSM. But what happens as a result of Aspergers and the difficulties these kids have, can and does end up in psychiatric or psychological issues because of their difficulties in having relationships with people. On the other hand, if guided carefully, they can achieve much good in their lives given their intense focus upon a singular interest...such as flying an aeroplane.....

Hot and muggy in Southern Ontario, I'm about to head out to have my latest project photographed for a juried exhibit, not quilted yet unfortunately but the deadline looms. Don't know if it will be accepted on the strength of this but one can hope.
Great to hear from you, Heather, lost your personal email address.
And you and A. are always welcome should he wish to inspect the Museum's collection at any time.


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