Monday, April 20, 2015

Still unpacking

Crazy I pad. I can post here, but looked at the Preview, and then couldn't "publish". On the desk top I can't post. just read. We are in the condo. Of course DH had to fix up his office first, and order a new desk. New pantry "installed" where 1/2 bath used to be by kitchen. What a crazy design! Three and 1/2 baths in a condo, but no pantry. Lots of wasted space in this place, and obviously no woman helped in the design. Our house is on the market. It is so strange walking into an empty house that used to be your home. At least all our stuff is gone, that was really strange, seeing some of my posessions there that didn't sell in the estate sale. Just pennies on the dollar in case anyone is interested. The quilt/sewing room is the last to be done--or unpacked. Guess I'm suffering for analysis freezing. Trying to over-analyize where I should put things. A large window that looks over the ocean with a north facing view-north light- but will the fabric fade if I put it on bookcases like I had before? Small closet with crazy shelves. At least the machine is up, and the thread sorted, many spools thrown out. The nylon and rayon and invisable threads chucked, can't see well enough to use the "invisable" thread! LOL Today I mostly plan to stay here, do laundry and tackle the sewing/quilting room. Got up early tried to use the gym downstairs, but couldn't get the door open. So went for a 30 min. walk. At least it was something. Fwwling better now, new meds are kicking in after about 2 months! Trying to get over the moving anxiety! Sleep is still a problem, but lots of people 65 & older seem to have sleep problems, so guess I'll just roll with it, and nap when I can. Found a lifetime of sewing machine needles! LOL, every kind in the world, but mostly the Schmetz 60/10 I think-- can't really read the box. ! Weather good here, overcast, and not too hot. DH exausted, working working at house, church stuff. He needs a real day off-- Laundry calling my name. Take care and keep posting. Sara in Fla.


At April 21, 2015 at 3:32 AM , Blogger Laura in IA said...

We have a north facing home and any quilted decor I hang on the front door is faded in a jiffy. However, north facing light is supposed to be ideal for artists so I think the prime spot for your quilting studio.

At April 22, 2015 at 6:46 AM , Blogger RoseyP said...

You're right Laura, nothing seems to stop the fading. I have a north facing studio and the only thing I can keep in here that doesn't fade are glass, clay or composites. Everything else fades, even photographs on the wall. I keep my fabrics in plastic boxes in the dining room beyond the studio. My B&B guests eat in the dining room as well. This is why my B&B website includes a webpage on my quilts. If there is a cupboard in any windowed room, it's better to keep the fabrics in there. I love working in a room with lots of windows so that takes precedence over where my cloth is stored. Imagine looking out at the oceon though...a wonderful constantly changing view.


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