Monday, October 27, 2008


I hit the wrong key!

What I wanted to say was that I think that Josh Brolin is so HOT!

That's my political opinion :)

I have been spending toooo much time trying to get google out of Chinese.

This of course included "Blogger". So weird, but I went ahead & posted after I

dumbed temp files, cookies etc, it came back to English.

I'm sure somewhere along the line I hit the wrong key (sort of like when I tired to post)

I wanted to share this picture of my wild kitty Syler, not sure what he thinks of this big pumpkin & cat!

We have had a run of beautiful fall weather, sunny, breezy (hopefully blowing all my leaves away, hee hee...)

So sorry about your Dad Laura, this getting old is for the birds! Jill


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